January Abel President

January has been a Certified Peer Specialist as well as a Peer Support Supervisor with Recovery Insight, Inc. since 2010.

Prior to her work at Recovery InSight, Inc., she was a Survey Specialist with Recovery Connections. January valued her role in empowering individuals receiving mental health services to share feedback so that system improvements could be made. After resigning from Recovery Connections to pursue her passion for Peer Support, she served on its Board of Directors until 2012. Most recently, January has become involved in the Peer Support Services Steering Committee for the Capitol Region.

January’s passion for Peer Support developed from her own lived experience, as well as the lived experience of family members. Often, individuals will view a mental health diagnosis as entirely negative. January recognizes that without these experiences, she may not have some of the joys that are in her life today, including Alexis, her daughter, and Susan, her fiancée, with whom she shares a great appreciation for hiking and the outdoors. Their most recent hiking adventure took them along the Appalachian Trail.

January joined the Board of Directors of the Pennsylvania Peer Support Coalition in August 2015 and served as Secretary for many years prior to being elected President.

Trish Nye Vice-President

Trish oversees the Peer Support Department for St Luke’s Penn Foundation in Sellersville, PA. She is a Certified Peer Specialist, an LCSW, a CPRP and has her CAADC. Trish is also an adjunct for Widener University’s MSW program. She previously worked as a clinician in both the MH and D&A worlds, providing individual and group therapy. Her goal in Peer Support is to advocate and educate on Mental Health Parity to ensure individuals who receive commercial insurance and Medicare are able to engage in effective, evidenced-based services such as Peer Support. Trish is passionate about person-first language and empowering individuals to find their own path in recovery. Trish first began her path to recovery in 2007 at 20 years old from major depression and an alcohol/substance use disorder. She recognizes recovery is a daily process and unique to each person.

Patrick B. Henry Treasurer

Patrick has been employed in the Financial Services Industry for the past 26 years. His current employment is as AVP Commercial Relationship Manager at the Ephrata National Bank. He is responsible for the sales and service of commercial clientele situated in South Central PA. Patrick earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Policy from The Pennsylvania State University in December 1994. Patrick spends his free time doing home improvement projects, traveling with his wife, Amber, and their six children, and coaching AAU basketball.

Patrick joined the Board of Directors as Treasurer in 2003.

Michelle Baynes-Owens Secretary

Michelle Baynes-Owens believes it is a privilege to serve on the Board of Directors of the PaPSC. She has worked full-time as a CPS for six years and recently became certified as a Recovery Specialist. Michelle also trains people to present WRAP. Playing volleyball, flying kites, and kissing her grandchildren are her favorite hobbies when she is not studying to earn her Ph.D.

“If you want to help others as I do, join the PaPSC.”

Diana Fullem Immediate Past President

Diana Fullem is a CPS and the Founder/CEO of Recovery InSight, Inc. in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, which is a free-standing Certified Peer Support Service. Diana’s passion for peer support came about from her lived experiences. Recovery InSight, Inc. has been in business since 2010 and employs over 20 Certified Peer Specialists and two Administrative Staff.

Diana’s interests and responsibilities for the past ten years include active participation in the transformation of mental health services to a recovery-based model on a local and statewide level. She has served on Boards, Advisory Committees, subcommittees, and workgroups focusing on mental health topics and her personal recovery story for public education and training, suicide prevention, and stigma reduction. In April 2021 she stepped down as the President for the Board of the Pennsylvania Peer Support Coalition to focus more time on family including her first grandchild, Harrison.

Diana lost her oldest son, Paul Jr., in 2002 from an accidental drug overdose. Her son, Eric, has been working as a Chef at various 5 star resorts throughout the United States for over ten years. She attributes her accomplishments to her faith, friends, family, and mental health providers.

Regina Ford Board Member

Regina Ford is CEO and Principal of Willow Communication Strategies, LLC (WCS), a communication agency for public health organizations. Regina started her career as a Certified Peer Specialist educating and advocating underserved populations. Regina spent over a decade in human services and most recently spearheaded a warm handoff project that connected opioid-overdose survivors to recovery support services. Now, Regina provides professional development, designs and evaluates complex care projects, and educates clients about the connection between wellness and culture. Regina is also an adjunct professor at Temple University Klein College of Media and Communication, and speaker for Michael’s Giving H.A.N.D., a non-profit that raises awareness for youth mental health. Regina holds an MS in Globalization and Development Communication (with a focus on health communication) and a BA in Strategic Communication.

Dave Gordon Board Member

Dave Gordon holds an MDiv and a BFA. He is now pursuing an MS in Clinical Psych to become a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) while working as a Certified Peer Specialist. In the past, Dave has completed a Chaplain internship and worked as a Life Coach at an emergency shelter for persons experiencing homelessness. Before that, he had a career in Information Technology.

Dave brings a lifetime of lived experience navigating within health care systems. He is also an active participant/leader in a faith community.

Brant Groff Board Member

Brant Groff volunteers for the Pennsylvania Peer Support Coalition were he serves as a member of the Board of Directors and the Membership/Marketing/Communications Committee. He also studies human rights, freedom of the press, and music.

Mike Krafick Board Member

Mike Krafick is a Certified Recovery Specialist (CRS) and has been employed at The Armstrong/Indiana/Clarion Drug and Alcohol Commission since 2010. He is also a Recovery Coach, Recovery Coach Trainer, a Trainer for The Science of Addiction and Recovery and a trainer for the CRS Training Series. In 2012 Mike was promoted to CRS Supervisor and is responsible for direct supervision of 7 CRS Staff in Armstrong, Indiana, and Clarion Counties. Working as a CRS has given Mike the opportunity to give back and help others achieve recovery. Mike is in long-term recovery himself having celebrated 12 years of recovery on April 24, 2020. Mike is the President of The Advocacy Group for Addiction Recovery and was awarded the CCAP Affiliate of the Year Award in 2015 for his advocacy efforts around Act 139 (Naloxone Legislation). He is actively involved in several groups to reduce the stigma around the disease of addiction.

Elissa Nulton Board Member

Elissa Nulton is the Chief Operating Officer at Peerstar. She has worked in the Mental Health field since 1997. She studied Elementary Education at Lock Haven University and Special Education at Saint Francis University. She completed her Master’s in Business Administration at IUP in 2017. Elissa has worked in the mental health field as Direct Care, Case Manager, VP of Operations and Manager of JCAHO Accredited Organizations for over 20 years. She has been actively involved in the development and oversight of the Forensic Peer Support Program at Peerstar, LLC. She has assisted in the completion of the Forensic Peer Support Study with Yale University evaluating Forensic Peer Support Programs operating as a jail re-entry program for inmates with serious mental illnesses and/or co-occurring substance use disorders in six PA County Jails. She is a member and trainer of the Right Turn Crisis Intervention Team. She actively participates in Clearfield and Jefferson Counties Criminal Justice Advisory Boards, has been on he Cambria County Mental Health Court Planning Team, Blair County Courts Mental Health Service Committee and Somerset County Day Reporting Center development team. Elissa oversees the Peerstar, Peer Support day to day operations, expansion projects, contract negotiations, and program policy and procedure development as well as conducting national training and consultation. She serves on numerous workgroups and subcommittees devoted to recovery, mental health services, and quality improvement across the state.

Trista Wilcox Board Member

Trista Wilcox is currently a Peer Support Specialist Supervisor for McKean and Potter counties for Beacon Light Behavioral Health Systems, a JCAHO Accredited Organization. She has worked in several counties including McKean, Potter, Warren, Forest, and Elk over the time she has been involved in Peer Support work. Trista has worked in the Mental Health field since 1997, first as a mental health technician, then managing an Autistic Support Program. She then specialized in Autistic support as a paraprofessional at the Alternative Education Center for Beacon Light.

She has served on boards for the Forest Warren Mental Wellness Association (previously called CAB) and Consumer Advisory Board for PMHCA. Trista is active on the McKean and Warren Counties Criminal Justice Advisory Boards and volunteers for the Rays of Hope committee in her hometown of Bradford, Pennsylvania. She is a facilitator for Peer Support within the Criminal Justice System, Mental Health Advanced Directives, and a WRAP Facilitator. Trista has been honored to co- facilitate Certification trainings with her facilitator Kevin Trenney, when she first began her Peer journey.