Activities and Accomplishments

Welcome to the Pennsylvania Peer Support Coalition’s Activities and Accomplishments page.┬áThis page contains all of the activities and accomplishments of the Pennsylvania Peer Support Coalition. It will be updated regularly as we add new offerings and achieve new milestones.

Coalition Activities

We hold workshops and trainings on recovery and peer support.

We provide technical assistance to peer support professional development and networking meetings.

We compile information about Certified Peer Specialist training and Certified Peer Specialist Supervisor training. We help individuals locate these trainings and give information about ways to pay for training.

We work with the organizations that provide Certified Peer Specialist training to ensure trainings are available.

We attend the Peer Support Services Monday Morning Workgroup at the Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (OMHSAS). At this workgroup, we represent and advocate for individuals who provide peer support and we communicate with other groups involved in peer support. The other members of this workgroup include OMHSAS, Recovery Innovations, the Institute for Recovery and Community Integration, and the Pennsylvania Association of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services.

Coalition Accomplishments

  • August, 2016: Became the training vendor for the Orientation to Medicaid Funded Peer Support Documentation training.
  • January 2015: Partnered with Pennsylvania Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services to create CPSs in Crisis Services Training.
  • March 2011: Helped plan and launch the statewide roll-out of the three-day Peer Support within the Criminal Justice System training in collaboration with Pennsylvania Mental Health Consumers’ Association and Drexel University (funded through a grant by the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency).
  • January 2010: Helped implement the first statewide survey for Certified Peer Specialists in Pennsylvania in partnership with OMHSAS, University of Pennsylvania, Mental Health Association of Southeastern PA, and Recovery Innovations, for the purpose of learning more about CPS training and employment experiences.
  • November 2009: Launched the Peer Support Continuing Education Days. These training days are held quarterly and provide free continuing education hours for peer support specialists.
  • September 2009: Provided a one-day retreat in northeastern Pennsylvania on leadership and advocacy, in collaboration with PMHCA’s Leadership in Recovery program.
  • July 2009 – February 2010: Helped facilitate the OMHSAS-hosted Peer Leadership Action Planning sessions.
  • May 2009: Implemented three-day Peer Support within the Criminal Justice System training in collaboration with The Main Link , OMHSAS, and PMHCA.
  • Winter 2008 – Spring 2009: Participated in the New Freedom Initiative Objective 3 workgroup and helped make recommendations to OMHSAS (Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services) issued by that group.
  • July 2008: Distributed full scholarships to six people to attend the National Association of Peer Specialists conference in Philadelphia.
  • March 2008: Nicole Darr hired as Coordinator, and first paid employee, for the Pennsylvania Peer Support Coalition.