Membership Options:

Individual Membership: Any person engaged in or supporting Mental Health Peer Services.  Pennsylvania peer support coalition 

  1. Pennsylvania resident: $25
  2. Out of state or International Member:   $35


Provider Organization Membership: An entity that employs and deploys individuals (employees or contractors) to provide Peer Support Services.

  1. 1 to 5 peer service staff, $100
  2. 6 to 10 peer service staff, $200
  3. 11 to 15 peer services staff, $250
  4. 20 or more peer services staff, $300


System Organization Membership: An entity that, as part of the Behavioral HealthChoices or other service purchase arrangement, contracts for or manages credentialing, payment or service administration for Peer Support and other behavioral healthcare services.

  1. Counties in the managed service area (excluding Philadelphia and Allegheny Counties) $150
  2. HealthChoices procurement contract including Philadelphia and Allegheny Counties $500
  3. Non-MA commercial insurance entities $500


Associate Membership: Trade, membership, professional and advocacy entities that are stakeholders in Pennsylvania’s behavioral health care and Recovery focused service system.

  1. $200

Memberships are annual and expire one year from the date of sign-up..

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