Peer Support is a team effortThe Pennsylvania Peer Support Coalition provides an opportunity for individuals and organizations who offer or support any peer services (CPS, CRS, CFRS, etc.) to have a statewide voice. We have a number of membership options which are outlined below.

We do not limit who is allowed to join our organization. If you support the mission of the PaPSC and want to be a member, we welcome you to our coalition.

All memberships renew annually on the anniversary of your join date.

Annual Membership Options 

Individual Membership: Any person engaged in or supporting Peer Services.

  • Benefits: Reduced rates on trainings and events, advanced registration on trainings and events, members only section on website with exclusive content, networking opportunities, supporting the organization that speaks and advocates for peer professionals, quick and accurate responses to questions and requests for support
    • Pennsylvania resident: $30 ($27 if set up on recurring payments)
    • Out of state or International Member:   $40 ($36 if set up on recurring payments)

Organization MembershipAn entity that employs or deploys individuals (employees or contractors) that provide any service related to professional peer-based services (CPS, CRS, CFRS, CFPS, CST, etc.).

  • Benefits: All staff included on the membership roster receive individual membership benefits, shows your staff you support them and peer services
    • Level 1 (1 – 5 Staff): $100
    • Level 2 (6 – 15 Staff): $250
    • Level 3 (16 – 30 Staff): $350
    • Level 4 (31 – 50 Staff): $500
    • Level 5 (51 – 75 Staff): $650
    • Level 6 (75+ Staff): $1000

System Membership: Levels 1 – 5: counties, county collaboratives, county oversight organizations, or county government organizations; Level 6: commercial insurance companies or behavioral health managed care organizations.

  • Benefits: training(s) administered by PaPSC equaling the cumulative annual total of Continuing Education Hour requirements set forth by the Pennsylvania Certification Board (PCB) at a pre-determined location and/or virtually (as of 1/1/21 currently set at 18 hours)
    • Level 1 (single county): $750
    • Level 2 (2 counties): $1500
    • Level 3 (3 counties): $2000
    • Level 4 (4 counties): $2500
    • Level 5 (5+ counties): $3500
    • Level 6 (insurance/BHMCO): $1500

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