The Pennsylvania Peer Support Coalition provides an opportunity for individuals and organizations who offer peer support to have a statewide voice. We have a number of membership options which are outlined below.

We do not limit who is allowed to join our organization. If you support the mission of the PaPSC and want to be a member we will welcome you to our coalition.

New Membership Structure Coming January  2021

With the continued growth of the peer profession and our Coalition, the PaPSC Membership/Marketing/Communications Committee felt it was time for an update to our membership structure. Our current membership structure has been in place for five years and no longer adequately represents where our field is.

The new membership structure can be viewed by clicking here. Please note that if the automatic yearly renewal option is chosen an individual membership only goes up by $2 a year (from $25 to $27 annually).

The new structure becomes effective on January 1, 2021. Until then the below pricing remains in effect.

Individual Membership: Any person engaged in or supporting Mental Health Peer Services.

  1. Pennsylvania resident: $25   2. Out of state or International Member:   $35

Provider Organization Membership: An entity that employs and deploys individuals (employees or contractors) to provide Peer Support Services.

  1.  1 to 5 peer service staff: $100        2.  6 to 10 peer service staff: $200

3.  11 to 18 peer services staff: $250    4.  19 or more peer services staff: $300

System Organization Membership: An entity that, as part of the Behavioral HealthChoices or other service purchase arrangement, contracts for or manages credentialing, payment or service administration for Peer Support and other behavioral healthcare services.

  1. Counties in the managed service area (excluding Philadelphia and Allegheny Counties): $150
  2. HealthChoices procurement contract including Philadelphia and Allegheny Counties: $500
  3. Non-MA commercial insurance entities: $500

Associate Membership: Trade, membership, professional and advocacy entities that are stakeholders in Pennsylvania’s behavioral health care and Recovery focused service system.

  1. $200

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Join the Pennsylvania Peer Support Coalition

Complete the membership form online or by postal mail or email to the PA Peer Support Coalition. (See membership form for submission instructions.)

Who Should Become a Member?

Any individual or organization who provides professional peer services to others in recovery from mental health disorders or substance use disorders are encouraged to join our Coalition. Individuals who have an interest in supporting the professional peer network are more than welcome to become members as well. The Coalition is not limited to certified peer professionals. Peer work is not just a service, it is a skill – the skill of using a personal experience and sharing it in a way that offers hope and support to others. All who support this concept are welcome to join, without exception.

Benefits of Membership

Benefits of membership to the PA Peer Support Coalition include:

  • Access to information relevant to peer support
  • Reduced rates on trainings
  • Opportunities to network with other people using their peer support skills
  • A statewide voice in the ongoing development of peer support in Pennsylvania

Email List

If you would like to just be on our email list to receive periodic informational emails from the PaPSC, please download and return the below form.

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