Seeking employment in PA – reciprocity with other states

To be certified as a peer specialist in Pennsylvania you must have received your certification training from one of three training vendors: the Institute for Recovery, RI Consulting, or the Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery.

If you have received peer support training from one of these vendors, you may be able to transfer your peer specialist certification from another state to Pennsylvania. If you received peer support training from a different vendor, there is no specific reciprocity for certification.

Pennsylvania Certified Peer Specialists are credentialed through the Pennsylvania Certification Board. Whether moving to Pennsylvania from another state or moving away from Pennsylvania a CPS who is interested in reciprocity should contact the PCB for advice and assistance in transferring their certification.

Please note that while the PCB may be able to help, there is no guarantee of reciprocity between states. If you are a Pennsylvania Certified Peer Specialist, and you want to relocate or work in another state, it is up to that state to decide whether your certification can be transferred. Likewise, if you are moving to Pennsylvania your out-of-state certification may or may not transfer.

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