Recovery Ecosystem Coalitions (REC)

Recovery Ecosystem Coalitions (REC) are regional, self-governed coalitions that determine areas of focus within that region including training needs. While these meetings are regional, all peer professionals (CPS, CPSS, CRS, CFRS, Family Peer Specialists, etc.) are welcome to attend the REC meetings regardless of county of residence.

If you are interested in helping lead your Regional Ecosystem Coalition or would like information about attending a local REC meeting please contact our Wellness Coordinator, Abigail Boccardi, at or 717-719-0473.

RECs will Provide:

  • Networking for all Peer Based Professionals
  • Pennsylvania Certification Board Approved Continuing Education
  • Leadership Development
  • Training and Facilitation Opportunities
  • Self-Care
  • Strengthening the Peer Voice Statewide
  • Regional Leadership Structures for Peer Based Professional

Central Region REC

  • TBD

Coal Region REC

North Central REC

Northeast REC

Northwest and Southwest REC (meets quarterly)

  • TBD