PeerFest Awards Winners

Pennsylvania Lifetime Peer Partner

Diana Fullem



Diana has a long and uplifting history as a peer professional. Diana has been a transformative leader in the Peer Support field in Pennsylvania. As a founding force behind the Pennsylvania Peer Support Coalition (PaPSC) and its first Board President, her compassionate leadership and advocacy have been instrumental in advancing peer certification, quality training, and support for peer professionals statewide. Her pioneering efforts, including establishing the first fully peer-owned and operated support agency, have laid a strong foundation for the flourishing peer services community in Pennsylvania.


Pennsylvania Peer Advocate of the Year

Joey Pagano



Joey’s extraordinary professional achievements and personal dedication to peer support have made him a formidable advocate for mental health and addiction recovery. His unique blend of clinical expertise and lived experience has driven systemic changes in policy and funding, both in Pennsylvania and internationally. Notable for his bestselling, Pulitzer-nominated book “No Addict Left Behind,” and initiatives like “Rock for Recovery,” Joey has used various platforms to foster inclusive healing spaces and amplify the importance of peer support, earning widespread recognition and acclaim.



Pennsylvania Peer of the Year

Jessica Sprout



Jessica has been a transformative force at Recovery Insight, where her unwavering positivity, creative dedication, and supportive nature have made her an invaluable team member. As a CPS and peer support supervisor, Jess has excelled in uplifting her colleagues, fostering empowerment, and embodying the principles of recovery with genuine enthusiasm.