David Measel, Contracted Administrator with the PaPSC, participated in the following Webinar presented by The Temple University Collaborative on Community Inclusion.



“The Temple University Collaborative held a 1-hour webinar to discuss the role that peer specialists can play in helping the people with whom they work connect to the religious congregations of their choice. We recently re-issued the document Helping People Connect to the Religious Congregations of Their Choice: The Role of Peer Specialists which recognizes the important role that faith and fellowship play in the lives of many peers and recommends specific strategies for peer specialists to pursue to make those connections a reality.The Temple Collaborative now invites you into a national conversation on the topic asking:

  • What have been your experiences – as a peer or peer specialist – in connecting to mainstream religious groups?
  • What strategies have you developed to help other peers successfully become a part of religious congregations?
  • What are the roles the peer specialists can and should – or cannot and should not – play in this sensitive arena?

Watch the Webinar Here